Here are breaches of trust, safeguarding, privacy and law. They expose kids to risks of online harm and discrimination.

Charities and public services must not share kids or encourage kids to share their troubles with social media and ad systems.

Social media only allow sites to use their embeds if sites respect terms regarding age limits, parental consent and data collection.

Had these organisations paid attention to the terms, they may have realised that what they were doing was wrong.

If you are distressed by any content, please seek support. The Samaritans are available on 116 123.

Ambitious about Autism

Complaint acknowledged

Ambitious about Autism notably acknowledged this complaint, their failure and apologised.

They still have problems and hopefully will resolve them.

Tracking autism diagnosis

Ambitious about autism include YouTube tracking on Making sense of your autism diagnosis

Should YouTube be made aware that a teenager or even adult has been diagnosed with autism?

Is it fixed?


Raising the complaint

27th January 2023: Complaint raised

6th March 2023: Response received, acknowledging, apologising and explaining some actions intended to stop the breach. It disputed whether data shared was of a special category.

8th October 2023: Complaint updated with details of why there is still a problem.