Here are breaches of trust, safeguarding, privacy and law. They expose kids to risks of online harm and discrimination.

Charities and public services must not share kids or encourage kids to share their troubles with social media and ad systems.

Social media only allow sites to use their embeds if sites respect terms regarding age limits, parental consent and data collection.

Had these organisations paid attention to the terms, they may have realised that what they were doing was wrong.

If you are distressed by any content, please seek support. The Samaritans are available on 116 123.

AFK (Action For Kids)

Tracking kids interested in resources to support disabilities

AFK is a national charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families.

Their website includes various resources to help chlidren and families.

Where any disabled kids wanted to find those resources, their attempt to do so was being tracked by Twitter.

This was because on their Resources and useful links page the site included a Twitter social media embed.

Twitter are not allowed to collect data on sensitive topics unnecessarily and without consent.

Children are not legally allowed to give consent, as it is not in their best interest for Twitter to know about their interest.

Twitter forbid the sharing of data where the user is under 13.

Is it fixed?

The site appear to have removed the Twitter embed.

Raising the complaint

14th January 2023: The complaint is raised with AFK and the ICO.

19th January 2023: A response is sent advising

Thank you for your email and for bringing these matters to our attention.

I can confirm that we are in the process of adding a cookie acceptance pop up on to our website as well as changing some of the content and layout of our website. We will review the points you raise as part of this process.

We are also reviewing our terms and conditions and related policies as part of this project, and they will be updated on our website once the review is complete.

At some point since then it was removed.

Thank you AFK.